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Ethyl oxalyl monochloride

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    Ethyl oxalyl monochloride
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4755-77-5 Product Description

Name: Ethyl chloroglyoxylate; Ethyl chlorooxoacetate; Ethyl(choroformyl)formate; Mono-Ethyl oxalyl chloride; Ethoxalyl chloride; Etcox; Ethyl oxalyl chloride; Ethyl chloroglyoxalate; Ethyl chloroglyoxylate

CAS NO.: 4755-77-5

Molecular: C4H5CIO3

Chemical properties:

Molecular weight: 136.5

Density: 1.280g/cm3

Boiling point( 760mmHg): 137℃

Flash point: 41.7℃

Steam pressure( 7.19mmHg): 25℃

Flammable: burns, away from fire, do not smoke

Reacts violently with water: the reaction of water will release toxic gas

Attention: harmful to human, do not inhale. If anyone contacts his eyes with Ethyl oxalyl monochloride, please clean eyes with plenty of water and call ambulance. Anyone working with Ethyl oxalyl monochloride will need protective clothes, gloves and glasses or masks. If anyone working with Ethyl oxalyl monochloride feels unwell, please go to hospital as soon as possible.

Use: it can be used in organic synthesis

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