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98-86-2 Product Description

Chemical Name:Acetophenone

Synonyms: 1-Phenylethanone;alpha-Acetophenone

CAS No.:98-86-2

Molecular Weight:120.15

Molecular :C6H5COCH3

Chemical Properties:

Appearance:Colorless low melting crystals.

Melting point:20.5℃,

Boiling Point:202.6℃,

Relative density :1.0281.

Refractive index:1.530-1.535.

Assay:99.0% Min (GC)

Use :Acetophenoneis mainly used for pharmaceutical and other raw materials of organic synthesis; for the preparation of the spice.Used in making soap and cigarettes; also be used as a plasticizer of cellulose ethers, cellulose esters, and resins such as solvents and plastic, and hypnotic.

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